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With cookie season just around the corner for many councils & cookie rallies growing in popularity, I thought it would be appropriate to find a cookie related SWAP. Today’s SWAP is a cookie box. The original printout can be found on Scouting Web – a great website for all things scout related (Girl & Boy Scouts!). (If the link, does not work, send me an e-mail – they are currently working on their website – updating pages, etc. I will update my link if they change theirs!) These cookie boxes are from Little Brownie Bakers.  The names are a little different than the cookies from ABC Bakers. During this cookie season, I will attempt to recreate this page by scanning boxes of cookies (as we finish the boxes  – what my family has to go through for Girl Scouts!). I will update when I have the boxes scanned!

Skill Level: Junior to Ambassadors (because of the cutting accuracy & holding the box together waiting for it to dry without crushing it!)

Supplies: Print out of cookie boxes, scissors, pin backs, glue (can use glue sticks or white glue)




Step 1: Cut out your cookie box. Cut along lines.  Fold to make a box shape.






Step 2: Add glue to flaps/sides. Put box together – will need to hold into shape until glue “dries”.  If using glue stick, this will be a short amount of time. However, I have found that glue sticks have a tendency to come apart after a while. On the other hand, white glue can be messy but it should hold it together!



I used white glue for this box. It took a little longer to “set up” but I believe it will stay together longer than the glue stick boxes may!






Step 3: Add a flat back pin (can use hot glue for this step) to back of box.

Step 4: Add troop tag & you cookie box swap is completed!


Next week – cookie SWAP’s!
Yours in Scouting!


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4 Responses to “SWAP: Cookie Box”

  1. Amy Gray says:

    I cant find the print out for the cookie box swaps. The Scouting Web link does not work . Can you help?

  2. admin says:

    I just checked the link in the post, and it does direct to the Cookie Swaps page. If you go on their website and try to find it – their link is broken. Good luck! One other tip I found somewhere – put a cotton ball in the box and it will hold it’s shape better!

  3. Patty says:

    Where do I find the link for the cookie box swap?

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