Ceremonies: World Pin Ceremony


Girl Scouts wear two pins on their uniforms. The Girl Scout pin everyone recognizes what it is and what it represents. The other pin may be given to girls without any background and they never realize what it represents. The following ceremony can be used at a troop meeting or at a Thinking Day event.


World Pin Ceremony

This ceremony explains the meaning of the World pin.

Items Needed: Flannel Board; blue flannel cut into one large circle, two stars, one compass needle; yellow flannel cut into one large trefoil (leaves only), one large circle band (to go around blue circle), one stem (with flames at the base).

Girl #1.        What is the World pin?

Leader: It is the pin of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. It is a symbol that has deep meaning for all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The symbol also appears on the WAGGGS flag. We are going to construct such a pin. As we do, let us consider very carefully the reason for its color and design. Then we will know how deep a feeling of international friendship it can inspire in us.

Girl #2.        Why is the World pin blue? (Put up blue background.)

Leader: The field of bright flue in our pin symbolizes the sky above us all throughout the wide, wide world. We thus carry out the words of Robert Bade-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement, who asked us to “Aim high – look wide.”

 Girl #3.        Why do we have a trefoil in the World pin? (Put up trefoil.)

Leader: On the background of blue, we place a gold trefoil because Girl Guides and Girl Scouts everywhere make a three-part Promise.

Girl #4.        There are two stars on the World pin. What does the left star stand for? (Place blue star on trefoil’s left.)

Leader: We place one star at the left – the side of the heart. This star stands for the pledge that all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts try, on their honor, to keep – their Promise.

Girl #5.        What does the other star stand for? (Place star on the other side.)

Leader: On the right side, the side of the ready and helping hand, we place the star which stands for our Girl Guide/Girl Scout code of conduct – the Girl Guide/Girl Scout Law.

Girl #6.        What does the pointer mean on our World pin? (Place blue compass needle in center of trefoil.)

Leader: We place a compass needle in the center of the gold trefoil, between the safeguards of the Promise and the Law, to serve as a guide pointing the way to the right course in life.

Girl #7.        What does the base of the trefoil mean? (Place base on board.)

Leader: At the base of the gold trefoil we place the flame. Its burning stands for the love of humankind and is the true flame of international friendship that burns in all our hearts. May this flame encircle the world with goodwill.

Girl #8.        What does the gold circle stand for? (Place gold circle around blue field.)

Leader: This gold band surrounding our pin symbolizes the sun that shines on children all over the world.

Leader: Let us all, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world, keep the meaning of the World pin as our inspiration in all that we do.


You can end your ceremony in a number of way:

  • With a Friendship Circle, where all silently pledge themselves to friendship and understanding.
  •  By singing a favorite song that deals with friendship or has an international flavor.
  •  With a special reading or poem about international friendship, or with everyone sharing their thoughts about our World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Happy World Thinking Day!

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