Song: Make New Friends


Make New Friends is one of the first songs taught to new Girl Scouts. The words are simple. You can start by teaching just the first verse:

Make new friends,

But keep the old,

One is silver,

The other is gold.

When they have that verse mastered (after probably a year singing it at meetings!) they will be ready to learn the second verse:

A circle’s round

It has no end

That’s how long,

I want to be your friend.

When they have those two verses down (about Junior years!) you can teach them how to sing the song in a round! It’s a lot of fun and sounds really cool too at a parent ceremony.

The website My Virtual Songbook has the first 2 verses, plus a couple of additional verses. I think I have seen up to 10 verses somewhere before!

The video below shows a third verse I had never heard before – with rainbows! I don’t know if they made it up, but it is really cool!



Do you have a verse that I haven’t listed? What is your favorite verse to Make New Friends?


Yours in Scouting!

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