SWAP: Birthday Cake


If you have a birthday – you’re going to have cake! So for the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouts – SWAP a piece of cake. It’s a piece of cake to make (sort of!)! I found this SWAP on the Making Friends website. You can also purchase the magic sponge directly from them. I had found mine several years ago at a local craft store. When I went recently to my local craft stores they didn’t have them, so we used what we had!

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Skill Level: Junior – Ambassador (working with small beads, paint, hot glue, etc.)

Supplies: Magic sponge, seed beads, foam circles, scissors, candles, hot glue, gel glue, safety pins.


Sponges, sponges!

Step 1: Cut sponge into “slices” of cake. We drew a 1-7/8″ circle onto the sponge and cut 8 triangles out of the circle. Add water to expand sponge to full size. Let dry overnight.

Painting the frosting!

Step 2: Paint the “slices” with a “frosting” color. We pulled out our acrylic paints and my daughter picked the colors she liked the best (hence the purple frosted slices!) The orignal SWAP from Making Friends show making a layer cake. Our sponges plumped up big enough that I thought they represented a slice of cake without layering.

Different frosting!



Craft Cat with the "slice" of cake!

Step 3: Cut out circles in foam. We cut 1-1/2″ circles. When the “frosting” is dry, glue to foam circles. We used hot glue to attach. This helps speed the process along!


Candle and the skewer!

Step 4: Cut a birthday candle in half (or maybe one third). Make a hole in the center of your slice of cake. We used a skewer. You’ll have to wiggle it around to make the hole big enough for your candle. You could also use the point of a pair of scissors. When the hole is big enough, place some hot glue in and add the candle.


Add "sprinkles"!

Step 5: Put gel glue on top of “frosting”. Sprinkle seed beads on top. Let dry. Add troop tag!


Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!


Yours in Scouting!

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3 Responses to “SWAP: Birthday Cake”

  1. Susan says:

    What exactly is a magic sponge? How does it differ from a regular sponge? Thanks!

  2. Becky says:

    A Magic Sponge is just a regular sponge, but it is white, so she used it for cake.

  3. Becky says:

    Magic Sponges are just a brand of sponge, so you can just use a white sponge.

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