Song: Day is Done/Taps


One of my favorite ways to close a meeting (especially a hectic one!) is to sing “Day is Done”. (Also known as “Taps”.) We always used the hand motions. This helped us get into position for the closing friendship circle! Here are the words with hand motions.



Day is done. (Hands out to sides, palms up)

Gone the sun, (Turn palms down)

From the lakes, (Hands in front at waist height, palms down)

From the hills, (Hands in front at shoulder height, palms down)

From the sky. (Hands high above head)

All is well, (Right hand to left shoulder)

Safely rest, (Left hand to right shoulder)

God is nigh. (Bow head after singing, bringing hands down still crossed, join hands with girl next to you)


Here is a video version with the music:


When we were in Savannah, we held our pinning ceremony in the Garden at The Birthplace. To close the ceremony we sang the Daytime version of Taps.

Taps – Daytime version

Thanks and Praise,

For our days

‘Neath the sun

‘Neath the stars,

‘Neath the sky.

As we go,

This we know

God is nigh.


Good night Scouts!


Yours in Scouting!

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