Video: GS Journey Ideas – It’s Your Planet – Love It!


This week’s GS Journey is “It’s Your Planet – Love It!”. This journey focuses on the world the Scouts live in.

A quick reminder: In the last post, I gave some great links of general helpful groups that focus on GS Journey’s. You can check out that post here.


DaisiesBetween Earth & Sky:

I couldn’t find any videos about the Daisy GS Journey Between Earth & Sky.  Do you think your troop could be the first to create a video?!


Brownies WOW!:

This GS Journey was a popular one to create videos. There were 7! It was hard to pick just one. To view the others, check out my playlist – Journey – It’s Your Planet – Love It! On YouTube.



JuniorsGet Moving:

There were only 2 Get Moving Journeys that I found on the Internet. I’ll bet your troop could make one!




Cadettes must love to shoot videos – there were 5 videos for this GS Journey! You can view the others on YouTube on my playlist – Journey – It’s Your Planet – Love It!



SeniorsSow What?:

There were 2 videos for this GS Journey. I’ll bet there are other Seniors out there that could make a great video on this Journey!





Even the Ambassadors had a video for this GS Journey!




Yours in Scouting,

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