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There is no question that if we want the world to change, the women of the world need to step up and make their presence known! Songs can help inspire us to be the change we need to see! This song – “We Change the World” helps girls see their potential!

You can head over to Melinda Carroll’s website – Music for Girl Scouts – to download the music and lyrics.


We Change the World

words and music by Melinda Carroll


Change the World, come with me,

Time to let our dreams fly free.

And it comes so easily, that is our way.

Every moment we’re alive, it’s our love that will survive!

In the Girl Scouts, together, We Change the World!

1st Verse

Sisters of every color, friends from everywhere,

We all make the difference, when we show the world we care.

The Girl Scouts are our family,

And they show us what we can be!

And I believe, together, We Change the World!


2nd Verse

In a world with many faces, Girl Scouts find a way

To help in many places along the trails we blaze.

We light the light and do our share,

Reach out your hand and someone’s there,

And I believe, together, We Change the World!



Here’s a video of the music and lyrics together.



Yours in Scouting,

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