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New Troop Year Kick Off Event – Crafts


Today is the second in a series of ideas for a kick off event for your service unit/neighborhood. This post will focus on crafts. We started planning this event over the summer, with only 3 months of planning time. That may seem like a lot, but it’s not!

When we looked at the craft area, we wanted to keep cost out of the mix for our troops that were going to lead these crafts. So we focused on low-cost items, free, or recycled items for the crafts. My co-service unit specialist and I came up with all the different crafts. When we had decided on the crafts, we sent e-mails out asking leaders to start saving different items (glass jars, water bottles, etc.)

At the first service unit meeting of the year, we brought in samples of the crafts and let them select which one they wanted to lead at the event. We had about 15 different crafts to choose from. We ended up with 12 different stations at the event. Below is a list of the different crafts we had at the event.


Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Flowers: We liked this one because you can get tissue paper at the dollar store very cheaply. (You’ll see a theme here soon!) We were suggesting that the flowers be small so that you can get a lot of flowers out of a piece of tissue paper. For smaller flowers you don’t need a big “stem” so you could cut the pipe cleaner in half (again purchased at the dollar store). Here’s a couple websites that give you the basic directions to make tissue flowers:

Butterfly Hands: I wish I had a photo of some of the ones that were created! I’ll do my best to describe this. Using construction paper, the girls trace around their closed hands – each hand (2 times for each hand, you should have a total of 4 hands/wings). Cut out and glue onto another sheet of construction paper. I think they drew an oval and cut it out to create the body or they may have just drawn it on the paper. I think they added the antenna with markers and the Butterfly Hands were complete. This activity had a perfect place at our event. They were in a screened porch area that overlooked the butterfly garden! The only problem was when the wind picked up, so did their papers! There are several different websites on the Internet that describe this craft. I found one that was closest to the one we used!


Bookbinding: This was an activity designed for the older girls at the event. It was held in a separate room which was quieter. I heard that the girls enjoyed this project. There several videos on bookbinding on YouTube if you need to see the directions (if you’re challenged like me – I need to see how something is done!).  There are also a couple of websites that give you directions for bookbinding.



Bookmarks – Plastic Canvas & Foam: These were two different areas that offered two different materials to create bookmarks. As leaders we always seem to have an abundance of foam shapes around. This was a great way to get rid of them!


Water Bottle Holder: This was another activity for the older girls because there was some hand sewing involved in the original design. The group that ended up with this activity changed it up a little. The girls that attended this activity loved the finish product! I found a couple of ideas on my Pinterest page that show different ways to make water bottle holders. It just depends on what supplies you have!

Plastic Shaker: This involved the recycled water bottles. The girls added sand and various other items (rocks, beads, etc.) to the bottles to create an instrument with a unique sound. The outside of the bottles could be decorated also with stickers or foam pieces. This one doesn’t require a lot of direction (just use what’s around your craft room!). But I did find a couple of websites with information!

Family Partnership Jars: This is our fund-raising campaign for the families. The idea was to decorate a jar (glass, plastic, whatever) with stickers or foam pieces. The family collected money in the jar throughout the year. At the end of the year, the family turns the money into the troop who sends it into council.


Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelet: There are tons of different ways to make friendship bracelets. For this one we used a circle of cardboard and embroidery floss. They come out really cool! This was a very popular area! I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to Friendship Bracelets! These are the two that use the cardboard to make them.

Face Painting: This was also a very popular area! We probably could have had more troops doing this one!


Troop Pride T-Shirts

Troop Pride Shirts: This was a troop activity. The troop designed a small foam t-shirt to represent them. We then took the t-shirts at they were finished and hung them up, clothesline style in the entrance to the building we were holding our event in. It is a council owned property so we were able to keep it up for several months. We hope it inspired other troops to do an event like ours!

Which craft is your favorite? Which one will you try with your troop?


Yours in Scouting,

Video: GS Journey Ideas – It’s Your Story – Tell It!


The next Girl Scout Journey we’re going to focus on is “It’s Your Story – Tell It!“. In my searching the Internet this week, I have found some very creative people working on this Journey!

Before I dive into the specifics of this journey, I want to share two websites/groups that you can join and share information about GS Journey’s. You can ask questions to others who have already gone down the road before you!

  • GS of Southern Nevada have a Volunteer Central website. There is a group that focuses on the GS Journeys.
  • There is a group on Yahoo that also focuses on GS Journeys. They have some different files uploaded that your troop may be able to use to help them complete their Journey.

It’s Your Story – Tell It!” is a journey for girls to learn how to use storytelling to understand themselves and their potential.  Every level approaches the topic with something that is relevant to the age of the girls.

Daisies5, 4, 3, Cheer 4 Animals:

I also found a couple of videos showing what troops did for the 5,4,3, Cheer 4 Animals Journey. I’m only going to showcase one of them here, you can find the rest of them on my playlist (Journey – It’s Your Story – Tell It!) on YouTube.



BrowniesA World of Girls:

I couldn’t find any videos with Brownie troops completing this Journey. Maybe your troop could be the first!



I found a couple of videos about the aMUSE Journey. I like the way the girls did this one.




There were a lot of videos from Cadettes for this Journey! I had a hard time choosing one – so I didn’t! I choose two to showcase here! The rest are on my playlist (Journeys – It’s Your Story, Tell It!) on YouTube.




Seniors Mission: Sisterhood:

There were a couple of videos from Senior GS on the GS Journey Mission: Sisterhood.




I couldn’t find any Ambassador troops that had uploaded a video for their BLISS Journey. Maybe your troop can send a video!


One last link I found in my searching! I found a troop leader that started a blog to journal her experience with the GS Journey’s. Let’s give her some “blog love” and go visit her and share your experiences! Her website is GS Journey Experience.

What has your troop done to complete the “It’s Your Story – Tell It!” GS Journey? Please share your ideas below!

Yours in Scouting,



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