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SWAP – Crazy Leader


Today’s SWAP is a super easy one. Something a frazzled leader can crank out at the last-minute for a leader gathering! And I really think it says it all about being a leader!


Skill Level: Daisy – Adult

Supplies: Card stock, sticker paper, scissors, safety-pin, laminating (optional)


Step 1: Create a graphic in a Word based program (or if you’re really fancy a photo program!). You can draw a shape and add text and graphics to it. I used the phrase “You don’t have to be crazy to be a Girl Scout Leader. We can Train You.”  You can create your own phrase that is all about your Girl Scout leader experience!

Step 2: Print onto full size sticker paper. Or if you can find circle sticker paper that’s even better. You can create the SWAP with that template!

Step 3: If you use a full size sticker paper, place it onto a sheet of card stock paper and cut out your shape. At this point you could laminate the page. It will make it a little stronger and durable (and save your SWAP from water spots like mine has!)

Step 4: Add safety-pin and id tag and you’re done!



Yours in Scouting,

SWAP: Cowboy Hat


What Western themed event wouldn’t be complete with out a great cowboy hat?! This cowboy hat is a great one for older Scouts to work on for their SWAP collection.





Skill level: Junior – Ambassadors (because of the bead work)


Supplies: 18 pony beads (brown), cording (24 inches), safety-pin



Step 1

Step 1: Make the cow hitch onto the safety-pin. Make sure that the ends are even.  Here’s a video to show you how to make this hitch. I make my hitch a little differently than the video – I make a loop and feed the ends through the loop. I hope the video helps you! I am sometimes “knot” challenged! I can “make” a knot/hitch, I just don’t remember the name or if I am doing it correctly!


Step 2

Step 2: String 2 beads onto cord. Feed left cord through beads and then feed right cord through the beads. When complete beads will be horizontal as shown in photo below. Tighten cord.

Step 2 – completed



Step 3

Step 3: String 3 beads onto cords using the same technique as above. Tighten cord.


Step 4

Step 4: String 4 beads onto cords using the step 2 technique. Tighten cord.


Step 5

Step 5: String 7 cords onto left string. Leaving one bead to the side on the left.


Step 5A

Step 5A: Skipping the bead on the far right, feed the right cord through the next 6 beads.


Step 5B

Step 5B: Using the left cord, add the bead and feed the cord through the second to last bead on the left.


Step 5C

Step 5C: Using right cord, thread it through the second to last bead on the right. This row can be a challenging step, but working with the girls a couple of times, they will catch on.


Step 5D

Step 5D: Work to tighten this row. This is how the row should look when completed. This represents the brim of the hat.


Step 6: Add one last bead.

Step 6

Make an overhand knot with the two cords together.


Below is a video to show you how to make an overhand knot.


Your cowboy SWAP is complete!


Yours in Scouting,

SWAP: JGL Birthplace – SWAP it Forward


Original SWAP sent to Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace


I have always been a fan of the idea of “Pay it Forward”. Today’s SWAP combines SWAPping & Paying it Forward. Today’s SWAP came in a round about way! The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace were the recipients of the result of the SWAP. To find the SWAP they received go to their Facebook page to view.  It shares a little of history from the first handbook, plus it asks the recipient to help support The Birthplace of Girl Scouting.


Skill level: Daisy – Ambassador

Supplies: Paper, scissors, safety pins, and copy of How Girls Can Help Their Country (optional).


Step 1: Choose a quote or interesting fact from the first handbook for Girl Scouts – How Girls Can Help Their Country. Letting the girls go through the book themselves, they can find things that so how Girl Scouting has grown or how it has stayed the same!

My version of the SWAP it Forward!

Step 2:Type of quote/fact into a Word-type document making it as fancy or plain as you want. Add the following information: quote from handbook, your name, # of years in Girl Scouts, SWAP it Forward info:

“If you receive this SWAP consider making a donation to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace in a multiple of 100 (for 100 years of Girl Scouting!)

100 pennies = $1.00, 100 nickels = $5.00, 100 dimes = $10.00, 100 quarters = $25.00, 100 dollars = $100.00

Or more…

This is SWAP _____ of ####, but you could be the first to donate:

Send this note and your donation to:

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

10 E. Oglethorpe Ave.

Savannah, GA 31401″

Step 3: Print out page of SWAPs, cut apart and add # of SWAP.

This would be a great SWAP for any 100th Anniversary Celebration or for the Rock the Mall event in Washington DC on June 9th. Plus making 800 of these would be simple and low-cost – two big pluses in my book!

Do you have any SWAP ideas for the 100th Anniversary? Please share them in the comments!
Yours in Scouting!

SWAP: Juliette Facts


During the October Service Unit meeting, we handed out SWAP’s with facts about Juliette Gordon Low. I found this SWAP on the Making Friends website. You can also buy the kit (might be easier to do instead of trying to track down “stuff” for 10 different facts!). I searched through my “stash” of GS stuff and found most of what I needed to complete the SWAP. I had to buy a few items.

Juliette Facts SWAPs

Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador

Supplies: Card stock, scissors, basketball stickers, pink ribbon stickers, horse (or something to represent horses) stickers, campfire stickers, something to represent Halloween, pearls, something to represent sign language and a Daisy, and safety pins.


Step 1: Create the facts into a document program. I “drew” a text box and added one fact per box. I printed my facts on pink card stock, because that is what I had! You could use any color. (Making Friends used green.)

Step 2: Add stickers to corresponding fact. Add troop tag.

SWAP Juliette Facts

Another simple SWAP, easy to complete in a meeting. The girls also learn something about Juliette along the way! Do you have a favorite Juliette SWAP?
Yours in Scouting!

SWAP: Juliette Rock


Juliette Rock SWAP


I love a SWAP that is easy to make and cheap, but doesn’t look cheap! I think this SWAP covers both of these! Most of the materials I was able to buy at the dollar store. The Mod Podge you will have to buy at a craft store. I attached both safety pins ($ store purchase) and pin backs (craft store) to the rocks. I’m guessing that the pin backs held on better than safety pins – the “rocks” are pretty heavy!





Skill Level: Brownie – Ambassador (adult help will be needed for Brownies with the use of the hot glue gun)

The supplies



Supplies: Mod Podge (or any decopoge stuff), foam brush, clear accent rocks (min. 1″ diameter, sold by weight so there can be anywhere from 25 – 35 in a bag at the $ stores – they are also not perfectly round!), paper with clip art of Juliette, safety pins or pin backs, scissors.








Step 1

Step 1: Using a document program (like Word), draw a circle approximately 1″ in diameter. You’ll want to search the Internet for clip art of Juliette. Save them to your computer. I found pictures of Juliette as a young girl and in her Girl Scout uniform. I thought the younger Juliette might appeal to the girls and the vintage GS uniform would appeal to the adults! Go into the properties of the circle you drew – in the area that shows where you can “fill” the circle with color – there should be a place that you can “fill” it with a photo. When you fill the circle with your photo, your work will be simply cutting the circles out for your rock! If you can not make this work on your software program, just paste several pictures onto a document, print is out and draw circles around Juliette.

Young Juliette

Girl Scout Juliette

After you cut your circles out, follow the directions on your Mod Podge for best application of paper to your rocks. Let dry.

Safety Pin

Pin Back

Step 2: Using hot glue, attach pins to back of rock. When dry, attach troop tag.

Juliette Rock SWAP's ready to be SWAPed!

Your Juliette rock SWAP is ready! You better make a lot – these will be popular! Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!
Yours in Scouting!

SWAP: Birthday Cake


If you have a birthday – you’re going to have cake! So for the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouts – SWAP a piece of cake. It’s a piece of cake to make (sort of!)! I found this SWAP on the Making Friends website. You can also purchase the magic sponge directly from them. I had found mine several years ago at a local craft store. When I went recently to my local craft stores they didn’t have them, so we used what we had!

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Skill Level: Junior – Ambassador (working with small beads, paint, hot glue, etc.)

Supplies: Magic sponge, seed beads, foam circles, scissors, candles, hot glue, gel glue, safety pins.


Sponges, sponges!

Step 1: Cut sponge into “slices” of cake. We drew a 1-7/8″ circle onto the sponge and cut 8 triangles out of the circle. Add water to expand sponge to full size. Let dry overnight.

Painting the frosting!

Step 2: Paint the “slices” with a “frosting” color. We pulled out our acrylic paints and my daughter picked the colors she liked the best (hence the purple frosted slices!) The orignal SWAP from Making Friends show making a layer cake. Our sponges plumped up big enough that I thought they represented a slice of cake without layering.

Different frosting!



Craft Cat with the "slice" of cake!

Step 3: Cut out circles in foam. We cut 1-1/2″ circles. When the “frosting” is dry, glue to foam circles. We used hot glue to attach. This helps speed the process along!


Candle and the skewer!

Step 4: Cut a birthday candle in half (or maybe one third). Make a hole in the center of your slice of cake. We used a skewer. You’ll have to wiggle it around to make the hole big enough for your candle. You could also use the point of a pair of scissors. When the hole is big enough, place some hot glue in and add the candle.


Add "sprinkles"!

Step 5: Put gel glue on top of “frosting”. Sprinkle seed beads on top. Let dry. Add troop tag!


Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!


Yours in Scouting!

SWAP: Cupcake


Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts! It’s your birthday! How are you going to celebrate!

If your council is hosting a celebration for the birthday of Girl Scouting, this SWAP would be great to continue the celebration! This SWAP idea can be found on the Making Friends website. (They have some great ideas for SWAP’s!) I have made a few modifications (not many, just the bottom!)







Cupcake SWAP

Skill Level: Junior – Ambassador (because of the small seed beads and tiny fingers don’t always work well together!)

The supplies

Supplies: Seed beads, mini candy cups (similar to mini cupcakes but smaller, about 1″), candles, gel glue, pom poms (1-1/2″ size), foam circle or poker chips, and safety pin.


Candle and pom pom - looking like a cupcake!

Step 1:

Cut your candle in half. Glue it to the middle of the pom pom. I used hot glue here. It will dry faster so the girls won’t have to hold it in place (nobody wants a tilted candle on their cupcake!). Glue the pom pom into the candy liner. I used the hot glue again, because it was out and ready, but you could use the gel glue for this step.


The "glue" that holds the "sprinkles" on!

Step 2:

Spread gel glue on top of pom pom. Gel glue is best for this step because it holds into position better than white glue sometimes. This is were the girls can get a little creative! Wherever there is glue, there will be “sprinkles”.



Step 3:

Next sprinkle your seed beads over the glue. This is best done over a paper plate so that the extras are contained and not all over the floor. After some of the beads are sprinkled on, you may want to turn it upside down to shake off those that didn’t stick.


Cupcake on a plate!

Step 4:

The final step is to put your cupcake on a plate! Use a poker chip or a foam circle. Glue the cupcake (either hot glue or gel glue) to your circle (this is your plate!). If you are using a foam circle, you can stick the safety pin through it with a troop tag. If you use a poker chip, you will have to use a different kind of pin that you can hot glue to the back.

Enjoy your cupcake SWAP! Do you have any SWAP ideas for the Girl Scout birthday? Please share!
Yours in Scouting!



SWAP: Thinking Day Part 2


More SWAP ideas for World Thinking Day!


Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador

Supplies: Card stock, stickers with animals from Australia, scissors, safety pins


Find Australian animal clip art on the internet. Copy onto a document and print onto sticker paper. Cut out animals and place onto card stock. Add troop tag.




Skill Level: Brownie – Ambassador

Supplies: Fun foam, scissors, stencils, safety pins


Using a stencil or other guide, draw a hat in green fun foam and pipe in black fun foam. Cut out. Glue pipe to hat. Add troop tag.




Skill Level: Junior – Ambassador

Supplies: Fun Foam, Print out of words written in Japanese, felt tip markers, safety pins


Using the guide, draw different words onto fun foam. Add English version of word also. Add troop tag.






What country did your troop represent this year? What did you do for your SWAP? Please share!
Yours in Scouting!


SWAP: Thinking Day Part 1


World Thinking Day will be here soon – have you finished your SWAP’s?! Here are some more ideas for you!


Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador

Supplies: Fabric, scissors, pins


You are creating a piece that could symbolize a rug or poncho that is worn in Mexico. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric (choose colors that represent Mexico or symbolize Mexico). Fabric can be fleece or something similar to a poncho material. Cut fringe on two sides of rectangle (long sides). Apply to pin. Add troop tag.



Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador

Supplies: Card stock/construction paper, pink ink pad, fine tip felt pen, safety pins


The national bird of the Bahama’s is the flamingo. The girls create the flamingo with their thumb! Take thumb and place into the ink pad, put print onto a square of card stock. Create head, wing and legs with fine tip felt pen. Add troop tag.


Great Britain:

We created two different SWAP’s for Great Britain!


Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador

Supplies: Construction paper or card stock, foam shapes of castles, princes, princesses, or crowns, felt pen, safety pins


Cut out the construction paper or card stock in the shape of a tag (using stencil or scrapbooking punch. If using sticky back foam shapes, peel off backing and apply to paper. Add troop tag.



Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador

Supplies: Small baggies, various size “jewels”, safety pins, construction paper

Directions: Insert 5 – 8 jewels of various sizes into baggies. Add tag to “identify” the “Crown Jewels”. Add troop tag.




Next week, SWAP’s for Australia, Ireland and Japan! Happy World Thinking Day!
Yours in Scouting!


SWAP: Flags


A World Thinking Day event is something can that be held just for a troop, service unit/association or council. If your troop attends an event in which there will be more than 3 troops, it would be a great idea to have a SWAP. A really cool SWAP would be the flag for the country that your troop will represent at the event. I dug through my SWAP bags of previous Thinking Day events and came up with a few different ways to create a Thinking Day flag SWAP. (One “cheat” would be to purchase these country flag pins, use the country that you represent this year, save the others for next year! I think I bought my set at a party store. They are also available online!)

Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador (the beaded flag pins will probably be better for the older girls)

Supplies: Photo of flag from your country, toothpick, safety pin (seed beads for beaded flag pins)


Each flag was a little different in how it was put together, but it was really the same. Go on Google and search under images for “flag country” (with the country substitute the name of your country – ie Mexico). You’ll want the final flag to be clear but small enough for a SWAP – 2″ x 2-1/2″ is probably a good size to shoot for.



This flag for Mexico had both sides of the flag printed. The girls wrapped it around a toothpick (with glue) and added a pin and they were finished!










This flag from Great Britain was created by printing the flag onto a sticker sheet. The stickers were then placed onto card stock that was cut out in the shape of a tag (use a stencil or scrap booking punch). On the back, the girls wrote which country they were representing.





The final country flag SWAP is one that I have never had my troop made – yet! I feel like this one would be great for older girls (you need some different skill sets to be in place for this one!). The is a great website that lists how to create beaded flag pins for over 50 countries. If you have created a beaded flag SWAP, please share!



I hope you enjoyed my ideas on how to create a country flag SWAP for a Thinking Day event. Please share with me your ideas!
Yours in Scouting!


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