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SWAP: Seed Packets


A few years ago I attended a Leader event that had a theme of a Garden Party. I racked my brain all summer trying to come up with a SWAP. When I opened my “junk” drawer, I found my answer – seed packets! See I buy seeds with every intention of planting them, but I never do. So I had these great packets of seeds, but they had never been planted! Here’s what I did to create my Seed Packet SWAP.


Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassadors

Supplies: Seed packets, laminating film or contact paper, safety pins, and ID label.


Step 1: I took my seed packets, one at a time and scanned them with my printer/scanner. I scanned them as a jpg file.  Scan each packet individually to have multiple seed packets for traders to choose from (the leaders loved this, they got to pick out their favorite flower or favorite color!)

Step 2: Open a blank Word document. “Insert” your picture into your Word document. At this point, you will be able to “size” your seed packet to make it as small as you need it. Fill the document with all the seed packet files that you scanned. You will only need one page. You may be able to get up to 20 of your seed packets per page.

Step 3: Print out as many pages as you will need. (If you want to make 100 SWAP’s print 5 pages.) I put my ID label sticker on the back of each seed packet before I laminated.

Step 4: After you have placed your ID label on the seed packets, laminate or cover with contact paper to give your SWAP some stability.

Step 5: Cut out your SWAP and add your safety-pin! Your Seed Packet SWAP is complete!

GS Craft Cat trying to take her SWAP!


Happy SWAPPing!

Yours in Scouting,

SWAP: Flags


A World Thinking Day event is something can that be held just for a troop, service unit/association or council. If your troop attends an event in which there will be more than 3 troops, it would be a great idea to have a SWAP. A really cool SWAP would be the flag for the country that your troop will represent at the event. I dug through my SWAP bags of previous Thinking Day events and came up with a few different ways to create a Thinking Day flag SWAP. (One “cheat” would be to purchase these country flag pins, use the country that you represent this year, save the others for next year! I think I bought my set at a party store. They are also available online!)

Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador (the beaded flag pins will probably be better for the older girls)

Supplies: Photo of flag from your country, toothpick, safety pin (seed beads for beaded flag pins)


Each flag was a little different in how it was put together, but it was really the same. Go on Google and search under images for “flag country” (with the country substitute the name of your country – ie Mexico). You’ll want the final flag to be clear but small enough for a SWAP – 2″ x 2-1/2″ is probably a good size to shoot for.



This flag for Mexico had both sides of the flag printed. The girls wrapped it around a toothpick (with glue) and added a pin and they were finished!










This flag from Great Britain was created by printing the flag onto a sticker sheet. The stickers were then placed onto card stock that was cut out in the shape of a tag (use a stencil or scrap booking punch). On the back, the girls wrote which country they were representing.





The final country flag SWAP is one that I have never had my troop made – yet! I feel like this one would be great for older girls (you need some different skill sets to be in place for this one!). The is a great website that lists how to create beaded flag pins for over 50 countries. If you have created a beaded flag SWAP, please share!



I hope you enjoyed my ideas on how to create a country flag SWAP for a Thinking Day event. Please share with me your ideas!
Yours in Scouting!


SWAP: Jester Hat


I am usually really bad at coming up with ideas for SWAP’s. I have to search and search the Internet for someone else’s ideas! But last year our troop was responsible for a hat creating an activity at our service unit camporee. When I was cutting out foam pieces for a group to make Jester Hats (I’ll write that post soon!) I had a LOT of leftover pieces. I started to look at all of these odd size pieces that couldn’t be used for anything else. I decided I needed to design a SWAP with the left over foam!

Skill Level: Junior – Ambassador (because of the hot glue gun, may need adult supervision)


  • Left over fun foam in 3 – 4 colors
  • Safety Pin
  • Sequins (optional)


My creation was not too bad for what I had! Basically it’s pretty simple. You need 3 triangles in 3 different colors. You need a rectangle of a fourth color. I had used red, blue & yellow for the points in the big Jester Hats, so I used them in my SWAP hat. I used pink for the band to go around the head.

I used hot glue to secure everything together. I used hot glue to attach a regular safety pin to the back.

Pretty basic – just using leftover foam from my original craft. You could buy sequins and add them to the points to represent the bells on a Jester Hat. I had one SWAP with sequins, but I can’t find it to take a photo! If I find it, I’ll update the post!


Happy SWAPPing!
Yours in Scouting!


Swap: Rose in a Vase


In honor of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles’ entry into the 2012 Rose Parade – I decided to find a Rose SWAP to share! I found one on an awesome site – My SWAP Collection! They have an amazing collection of SWAPs – you should check them out!

Skill Level: Daisy – Ambassador (Anyone can do this!)

Supplies (to make 48 SWAP’s):

  • Crystal Faceted Beads – 12 mm (110 pc per package – you’ll need 2 packages) – Hobby Lobby price – $2.47
  • Snowflake beads (50 pc per package) – Hobby Lobby price – $1.47
  • Silk Roses (6 per bunch – you’ll need 6 bunches) – Hobby Lobby price – $1.99


  • Rose Buds (12 per bunch – you’ll need 4 bunches) – Hobby Lobby price – $0.77 or 2/$1.00
Total cost using silk roses = $18.35 or .38¢ each OR
Total cost using rose buds = $9.49 or .20¢ each.




This is one of the easiest SWAP’s I have made in a long time! You can complete a lot in not a lot of time (or money).


Take one of the flowers – thread 4 of the crystal faceted beads onto the wire.  Next add the snowflake bead. Take the extra wire and wrap it between the last faceted bead and the snowflake bead. Done! If you do not want to wrap, you could finish it with a dab of hot glue (under adult supervision for the younger ones). But this is a project that can be completed by the girls – 100%!


Add your safety pin and you identifying slip of paper (Troop #, Hometown, State, and maybe first name of child giving SWAP) and your done!


Personally – I like the rose buds. With the leaves attached, they look like “real” roses in a vase (plus their cheaper!).


I have another example that I will do in the future – it requires a little more work! Cutting foam! When I get that one done, I’ll post some photos!
Yours in Scouting!
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